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Amber’s Baby Bump February 20, 2012

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I had so much fun taking pictures of sweet Amber and her precious little baby bump. I loved so many of her maternity shots, but below are a few of my all-time favorites! Can’t wait to meet that precious baby of hers.



That Pook November 22, 2011

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Call me crazy, but whenever the kids or Pook say or do something funny or something I want to remember, I jot it down in the ‘notes’ tool on my phone. I was looking over some of the hilarious memories and ran across this. I don’t know exactly when this happened, but I know we were still in our old house and I know I was still pregnant with Lucy Rose. So that means that it was long enough ago to share an embarrassing story about the hubs, no?

So, Pook suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, around 3am and ran to bathroom and totally exploded it.

Lane- You feel ok babe?
Pook- I feel fine, but my ass hole had to take a serious dump. Goodnight!

He then woke up about every hour sprinting it to the commode again & again & again!

I called him the next day at work to make sure he felt ok…and to double check to see if he was sleep talking the night before, but once again…he was all, “Hey I’ll call you right back, my ass hole is acting up again”.

Got to love that crazy Pook!


I Love My Little Bunny November 9, 2011

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I Love My Little Bunny


Baby Caden November 3, 2011

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We were eating dinner tonight and I was telling Pook about this precious little 5 month old baby boy that I photographed today. Cole chimed in, “Hey Daddy, I want a baby boy to come and stay here with us.” Jonathan replied, “You want to have another brother or sister, is that what you mean?” Cole quickly shouted out “YES!!! I WANTS ANOTHER BABY SISTER JUST LIKE LUCY ROSE”. Jonathan discreetly tries to push the baby brother factor…”What’s that you say … you want to have a fishing buddy? You know, someone you can throw the baseball around with? Well, then, I bet you a little brother would love to do those things with you … and I bet you he will  even want to go camping with you one day too.” Cole wasn’t buying it, he totally wants another baby sister (I thought to myself.).Pook and I quickly ended that conversation and were on to talking about something new, when Cole busted out … “Hey guys! I don’t want a baby brother or a baby sister, I just want to have a baby Caden”. So yeah, he wants a replica of Caden to come and live with him. Aunt Fro, any luck in making this happen?



Boo November 1, 2011

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I Love You Through and Through … Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Too October 28, 2011

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Cole is growing up like a little weed. The stuff that he comes up with these days totally blows my mind. I recently got my tonsils removed and have been in a great amount of pain so I walk around moaning and grabbing my throat. The other day I was resting on the couch when Cole came up to me and whispered in my ear, “Mama … your throat hurt? Don’t worry … Cole will make you feel all better!” I asked him how he can make me better and he said … “ummm, I dance for Mama to make her throat better.” He threw his hands in the air and did a little booty dance. I started laughing and he came to a stand still, and said, “See Mama, told you I’d make you all better” and ran out of the room. Where he comes up with this stuff, I don’t know!


On a side note, Lucy Rose has taken many sink baths these days, because I’m too lazy for the real deal. Cole’s been begging to get in the sink with her. Today I caved and let him play in the sink just like old times. He barely fits in it, but he made a point to tell me 500 times how “Cole fit just right, Mama”. It’s the little things like this that make me realize how big he’s getting in such a little time.


I love you Cole! Always be my baby, baby!



Were Dino’s On Noah’s Ark? October 27, 2011

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Cole and Lucy Rose were pretty funny this morning as we got ready for “school”. All of the little students at their school were  supposed to dress up as animals that were on Noah’s Ark. Cole totally talked me into believing that dinosaurs were included in the ark that was going to be at their Mother’s Day out Halloween festivities. The batman that I saw in the hallway, now that’s a bit of a stretch … no?

I was getting Lucy Rose dressed first while Cole was running around the room going ape shit. She woke up in a happy mood, but by the time I had her tights on…she was PISSED! She was pissed that her shoes that were too big, she was pissed that her ladybug wings were touching her head, she was pissed that her antennas were not perfectly erect, she was PISSED about her life, no if’s, and’s, or butt’s! After I got her dressed it was finally time to get Cole-Man dressed! He had only been talking about his costume for 257 days now, come on y’all, you know he was pumped! Once he put the last finishing touch on (the Dino head) Lucy Rose went nutso. I could tell she was going crazy because she was pissed once again at her outfit, but Cole on the other hand, he thought it was him. He quickly pulled the head piece aside and was all, “Lucy Rose … don’t be scared remember me, its Cole, I’m just your brother. I’m just looking like a scary dinosaur right now, but you don’t need to be scared.” You gotta love the innocent child.

I love these two like no other!